Sunday, 15 April 2018

Recyclable Letter

Excuse me for writing but I think it’s a shame
That we’re bombing (ENTER REGION, COUNTRY OR STATE),
Killing its children and sealing the fate
Of (COUNTRY OR STATE) and its next generation
Who’ll grow up with war as the default situation.

The likely result of our military action
Will be to make enemies of all who survive
And make it impossible for (COUNTRY/STATE) to thrive.
But at least we’ll have stolen their (ENTER NATURAL RESOURCE),
If you think that’s a good use for the Royal Air Force.

Or perhaps we’re just there to please (ENTER ALLY)
Or to boost (ENTER HOME COUNTRY) internationally
Thus somehow promoting enhanced foreign trade -
As in: “Oi! Buy our goods or else we’ll invade.”
I’m far from convinced that’s the best way ahead
Because people can’t shop or invest when they’re dead.

In conclusion, Sir/Madam/O Great One (NAME OF LEADER),
Before we get caught up in nationalist fever
Can we please hold our horses, then take a deep breath
And not sentence thousands of people to death?
Let’s try to make peace and goodwill our object.

Yours sincerely, love (ENTER OWN NAME) xxx

© Jon Horne 2018